Niche – Help!

I feel unclear on my offer. I created a 6 week program called Self Love 101 but I also want to create a program on relationships. Self Love is for women who worry about what other people think and feel like they don’t love themselves. I really love relationships though and want to focus on being a relationship coach, but still talk about self love. My ideal client is a woman 28-45, who has struggled with romantic relationships and dating. She’s ambitious and self aware but keeps attracting the wrong people and when she is in a relationship/dating she worries a lot about if the other person likes her. I want to create a program specifically focusing on relationships. Can I market both of these programs? One for Self Love and one for Relationships? or should I combine them? I keep feeling confused about it.

Niche Worksheet
Broad Category – Relationships
Submarket – women, 28-45, who worry about what other people think
What would they google to find you? “Does my partner love me?” anything around fixing their relationship and loving themselves
Solution to their problem: you create a better relationship with other people by creating a better relationship with yourself