Niche help

I have been working on the problem/solution for my niche. Women in their late 40s early 50s who are not connected to their bodies, living unconsciously experiencing chronic stress/negative thinking which is causing them to have poor eating habits and gain weight. These women are smart, college or advanced degree, successful and productive, have hs/college age children, tapped into social media, connected to their communities, CEOs of their families, believe in being “busy”. they have trouble putting themselves first, everyones needs are their needs, trouble honoring commitment to themselves when it comes to health or do bare minimum, are afraid to push themselves in area of health or fitness,

Unintentional model
C- Newly acquired belly fat/weight due to poor health habits and age/hormones, stress
T- I need a diet, cleanse, etc
F- desperate
A- go on shakes, cleanse, or do nothing at all
R – don’t lose weight, experience more stress, continue to gain

intenional model
C- gaining belly fat
T- Get to the why I am gaining weight
F- encouraged, motivated
A-practice mindful living/eating
R-feel less stress/lose weight

My solution is to teach them mindfulness to find the chronic stress in their lives and learn techniques to connect with their bodies, respect/compassion for themselves, how to tame their inner critic and make healthy choices around stress and food.

I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.