Niche Help

Is wealthy moms who aren’t happy a niche?

I want to coach women who’ve been stay at home moms for years and are now in their 40s with teenage kids but find themselves dissatisfied. They feel like they should be happier because they have all the things – wealth, health, family – but they lack a sense of satisfaction and this makes them feel guilty and even more uneasy. A part of them wants to go back to work part-time but they don’t see this as an option and are often stuck in confusion.

I’m not sure what the “result” will be because it is not necessarily a job and they are not necessarily identifying it as a job either:

“You have all the things – wealth, health, loving family – so why aren’t you happy? Yes, your teens can been annoying and thinking about spending another morning at the gym seems like the last thing you want to do…but didn’t you choose this life? As much as you hate to agree with your mother-in-law, maybe it is time to go back to work? But that doesn’t feel like an option after so many years.

Sigh, another “but”…. Now what? “

Does this seem like a niche?