Niche Help Needed Real Estate

I’ve been struggling with narrowing down my niche for awhile and wanted to see if I can get some feedback.

I’ve been selling real estate for the last 15 years and work in one of the suburbs of Atlanta. However, now I am building a new non-conventional biz model that will allow me to be location independent and move the brokerage 100% online.

I’ll be offering cash back rebates for new construction homes (no showings needed), flat fee MLS, a-la-carte services and D.I.Y. online classes.

I am not sure how specific I need to be, should I restrict the area even if it’s online, or the people I would like to work with….? I am narrowing it down some.. and then go back and say, I can handle the people in my immediate area and provide traditional service while I am building the new model… than go back and focus on the online model.

Here is how far I am:
Metro Atlanta 25 + miles
Home buyer or Home Seller ( Homeowner)
Buying or Selling a Condo, TH or SFR
Empty Nesters, Divorced? , married with kids in college?
Interested in Yoga, Meditation, Personal Development, Travel.
Technology Savvy
Busy Professionals: CPA, Doctors, Accountants, Engineers
Know what they want.
Prefer email, text, chat communications.
Don’t like small talk, business minded.
Multicultural, speak languages … I am bilingual, so I thought they can relate.
D.I.Y Style
Bargain Shopper

Thank you in advance for your help! V.