Niche idea

Hi Brooke!

I would like to submit my life coaching niche idea to you (attending coach training in May).

I want to help women who are in their late thirties to early forties, who are outwardly successful in their professional and family life (married with children, in management positions in large industrial companies).

These women don’t have a weight problem per se — they are at a healthy weight — but they constantly worry about weight gain, they don’t trust themselves around food, and they have an obsessive and controlling relationship with their diet.

They have read all the nutrition books and the diet books, and it’s only brought them more anxiety, more confusion, and more obsession.

I want to offer these women a 6-week program that helps them find peace and freedom in their relationship with food by looking at the broader picture of their life, and understanding why they fixate on food and weight — what the underlying mechanism is, so they can invent a new way of being.

The promise is that they will be so much more, and will create so much more in their lives, once they free up the mental space and the emotional energy that is currently invested in controlling what they eat, how much they eat, and worrying or feeling guilty.

In terms of coaching technique, I will be helping them avoid buffering (that’s the function of the weight obsession for many women), the upper limit problem (reaching for bigger things in their life is scary, so they stay in the cave counting calories), understanding overdesire for food, and cultivating other sources of joy and satisfaction in their life.

And… of course, this is the path I myself have been on, and have had success with, thanks to SCS.

What do you think?