Niche -lp

I plan to do coach certification after I pay off all my debt and can purchase it with cash. I understand it will cost more then, and I am okay with that. I believe it will happen at the perfect time.

I think I might have asked about my niche before but I forget. I am thinking I would coach web designers who work remotely or for themselves how to feel less overwhelmed, less self-doubt, overcome imposter syndrome, have better relationships with colleagues and clients, how to manage themselves when working remotely, set boundaries and make more money. (Basically me lol)

I would help them do that by teaching them the skills of time management, money mindset and to manage their minds and emotions to create the careers or businesses and lives they want.

Blog and podcast content would include things like what to do when your clients don’t follow your process, how to stop thinking about work on vacation (already published this one), why you hate your job,

I have a lot of work to do on these myself still but this is what I’m thinking. I’ve already started sharing some of this on a blog.