So I have been working away on my business, money coaching, based on my experience in the finance industry and all that I’ve learned from life coaching. Through my work experience, I know all too well the gaps that exist between “the industry” and the myriad of humans out there. There are a lot of challenges, and great opportunity to help people.

All along I’ve had another idea for a business which I’ve considered, and then rejected, for the money coaching idea. Money coaching, for me, is practical because it pulls from professional experience. But it’s not where my heart lies. The reason I found life coaching was because I was in so much pain, one of my kids was way off track and I was distraught – that might be putting it mildly! Distraught like I’d hide in the bathroom at work and cry, and I’m not a crier 🙂 Thankfully I found coaching and I was able to get my mind together. I feel so pulled towards other moms who are suffering with late teen/young adult kids as I was.

With this niche decision I’ve descended into a second-guessing spiral! I’ve tried to approach this from the results line – some I’ve used have been my own money goals, what I want to share with the world, how I can be of service, how I want to interact. Everything seems to be a wash or lean towards being a mom coach, but then I wonder if I’m just creating drama and using it as an excuse to not commit… I’m over-analyzing.

And in some sense maybe it doesn’t even matter which direction I go in because I know I’ll be able to serve people either way. I can have winning thoughts either way. But then how do I decide? There is so much noise out there in the money arena and so little support out there for moms of older kids that I feel like I can really help moms in that phase – but then I get stuck with what would they google on the niche worksheet!

I have to laugh at myself. I do realize my brain is spazzing out on all of this. At this point I’m too heavily in the muck to think straight.
Any insight would be appreciated. – oh, and I do know I have to (and want to!) make this decision myself. I post here for model suggestions, different questions to consider, a general kick in the pants.
Thank you!