Niche- Market to the industry I’ve work in or no specific industry?

I am currently enrolled in a Certified Coach program waiting to take my first module, which will start at the end of July. I haven’t had coaching training yet (just started my advance standing homework) but I am eager to start preparing to build my business. My question is, how do I begin to figure out what my niche is so I can look at my training from that perspective? I am interested in so much and have experienced several obstacles, including opening a brick and mortar business in Manhattan, losing 50+ lbs, figuring out how to overcome anxiety, and working through grief over the death of several close family members.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for most of my career and can seen a market to build career coaching around other professionals in the industry, but also know that most don’t make much money and are usually cutting costs, not adding to them (worried about them being willing and ABLE to pay to solve a problem). I’m also a bit jaded about the industry and feel negative emotions when I think about building a business around an industry of people who have not served me well in the past and one I am trying to “escape” from.

What I do know is I want to coach in a similar fashion as you, online and in groups, for millennial women ages 21-35 wanting to work on their personal and professional life using thought coaching and positive psychology. Any insight is very appreciated. Thank you!