Niche – Married, single or both v2

Coach’s response from previous ‘Ask a coach’ question was:

“One thing to consider here is why they want the outcome of having a partner. The reason they want it is that they think that finding the soulmate is what will “deliver” that connection they seek. They think they need to have it so they can feel the connection when in fact they already have all they need to feel that connection.

Let’s get curious and ask why didn’t you consider what you wrote in the first line as a valid niche: I help women find themselves, love themselves, make themselves happy without needing a man to do it? What is in the way of you owning your passion and calling it your niche?”

I’ve been playing around with this suggestion above given in response to my previous question on this topic. The part that didn’t sit with me is ‘without needing a man to do it’. It came across to my brain as man hating and that’s not at all what I’m about. I love my partner. I love my ex husband. I love knowing that any time I feel disconnect I need to go and work on myself and boom the relationship is awesome again.

Another thought I have around this is self love doesn’t sell because I’m not hitting on a big enough of a problem. ‘Oh well I don’t love myself enough, I’ll just continue in life. Oh but you say you’ll fix my marriage, or help me find a guy, then I’m in!’ I know it’s the same process of teaching them self love but the result of being connected to someone is what draws them in. Well that’s what my brain is offering me. Make the result and the outcome of doing this work with me SUPER clear and they will be more likely to engage with my coaching.

Original suggestions
Niche 1 -I help single women go from feeling lonely to connected with a partner without extensive dating.
Niche 2 – I help married women go from feeling disconnected with their partner to falling back in love without their husband needing to change a thing.
Trying to have Niche 1 and 2 together – I help women go from feeling lonely to connected with a partner without…..(needing to look outside yourself?)

New ideas
I help women go from feeling lonely in their relationship to finding connection without needing couples counselling.
I help women go from feeling alone (even if they are in a relationship) to finding true connection without needing another person.
I help women go from being lost and disconnected to finding true love within themselves without needing a partner to do a single thing.

What I would like to do is get super clear on my client. I feel the result is the same, the process will be the same. But is it focused enough to talk to women or do I need to choose single or married as the more defined niche? My brain is saying married women will have more access to money and the husband is likely to be on board if it’s going to help them have a happier marriage.