Niche Narrow enough??

I help professional working Moms in corporate America make the leap from corporate employee to entrepreneur (solopreneur).

My clients are professional women, aged 35 to 50, who have worked in corporate America for many years and are earning at least 100k but have a dream of starting their own business, to be their own bosses and create their own schedules, to work in an environment that supports their other role as a Mom but they don’t know how to go about this transition. My program would solve this problem by teaching them how to think like an entrepreneur, to create an entrepreneur mindset before they make the leap. (I am learning that the mindset I have as an employee is not the mindset that I will need to be a successful business women and I think my clients have the same problem.) I actually found myself googling “How to Successfully transition from corporate to entrepreneur” the other day and then a bell went off in my head that this could be the solution to my target market math problem (the first problem Brooke talks about in the most recent Entrepreneur program video.)

I would love to hear thoughts/suggestions/feedbacks for how I might make this niche even narrower and more brilliant.

Thank you for your help!