Hi Brooke,
I’m a parenting instructor and coach. I teach classes, do talks and have private clients. This has been a “job-y” (LOL) and I want to take Massive Action this year building a real business. I want to take baby steps now so I can begin 2nd quarter- focusing most of my time and energy now on my Impossible weight loss goal.

My questions are: 1) When is a website important? Blog? Social Media? I want to focus on what I’m interested in: podcast, online resources and paid e-book, live-classes, Live-seminars and live-groups.

2) What tools do you recommend we use as we begin?

2) What about this Niche: My classes are for mothers of teen girls who are present for their child when they are home (eg: not latch key teens). These women are well educated, financially secure, love their children and try to be involved in their children’s lives.

Pain: They are struggling to feel connected to and supportive of their daughters and are in shame/blame around the fighting, power struggles, loneliness and isolation they feel now that their teens are choosing friends and privacy over mom-time. They feel like their daughters are pulling away from them and dismissing their authority/role as family leader. They also worry and questions themselves and their choices. They worry about their parenting and their personal value; they worry about their daughter’s mental state, grades, choices, future and what’s going on that they don’t know about. When they get on a bad worry jag, they catastrophize and bring this catastrophic story into their relationships at home- causing tension, arguments and fights.

Solution: I give these women a place where there is no SHAME- they feel understood and not alone. I give them hope and provide concrete tools for parenting teens along with paradigm shifts and ways to manage their own minds and thoughts. I give them the power to feel in-control of their own experience and in acceptance and peace around where their daughters are. I give them an entry point for seeing that their daughter is no longer a child and I offer ways to create intimacy woman to woman with their daughter. I help them change so they meet their daughter were she is.

Please tell me if I’m missing anything and what I can do to refine or define more!
Thank you!! 🙂