Niche or general life coach and how to write clear message for general

I want to do general life coaching. I want to teach my health & relationship tools, and also money, time, codependency, and so many other things in my program for the person who wants help with their whole life. But, I haven’t figured out how to message that clearly and concisely without it sounding like I’m a relationship coach or a health coach only.

I help women stop neglecting themselves, so they can show up as their best selves, feel confident & show their kids how to do the same.

I help women stress less, feel how they want to feel & have the life they want.

I help women break free from codependency & people-pleasing so that they can start living, reach their goals, and enjoy all areas of their life

I help women eliminate years of unnecessary struggle/pain/trial & error so that they can enjoy their lives now, have great relationships & achieve their goals

I help women get what they want, achieve their goals & have great relationships without suffering through the process.

I help women love themselves so that they can love their lives.

I help women have healthy relationships with themselves, others, time, food, money, and career etc.

I help women improve the quality of their life, unbind from obligations, and create a life they love.

I mean I could go on forever… the tools can help them with whatever really, so I’m having a hard time getting that in a concise sentence.

I know there are people who want a coach to help their whole life be better. So, any tips?