Niche – Peg

Hello Brooke. I would like some feedback on my niche which I am carving out after having survived the college selection process with my eldest daughter. I would like to work with moms (aged 45-55) with a child applying to college for the first time and need help managing their anxiety in order to show up better for themselves, family and child through this process. My solution would be to teach them to recognize their fear and anxiety, to understand the why (the college industry manufactures and promotes fear ) and to learn tools to manage it. This will keep them from spinning, getting into unnecessary arguments, and buffering with alcohol. I thought I would start with some local high school guidance offices and test prep centers to “find my people” but truthfully I already have a lot of friends looking for this help as I have learned through experience that there really isn’t anything out there specifically for Moms (lots of stuff for anxious teens). Any insight or advice would be so appreciated!! This is my first month in SCS and I am loving it. Love ALL you do! Thx, Peg