Is it a niche problem, a copy writing problem, or a traffic problem?

Hi there! I am new to Scholars this month (but have listened to your podcast for years) and the thought download and model homework is blowing my mind. I’ve had some serious “aha moments” in this first week, including one where my money anxiety turned into me thanking my husband for providing such an amazing life for me and the kids. HIS mind was blown too lol! THANK YOU!!

Thinking about your podcasts for the month, I’m working on my business. I’m a life coach (new to business, not coaching – have coached for another business for 3 years) and my target market is women 25-35 who did everything they “should” do, but don’t feel fulfilled at all in their life even though it looks good on paper. They are saying “is this it?” They are ready to make changes in their life to be happier, more fulfilled, and excited by life.

I am not reaching people, and I’m not sure if I have a niche problem, a copy writing problem, or a traffic problem. (Side note: I definitely have a traffic problem, but I’d like to know if the niche is good before I spend more advertising – I spent a little over $1000 last year on FB and pinterest advertising and got no sales from it!) So, first I’d love some thoughts on if this niche is good or if it needs more work. I keep thinking it is a niche problem, but the more I read/listen about creating your niche, the more in the weeds I get in my own mind. I’m ready to stop this cycle of second guessing myself so I can create and execute my plan and see some results in my business this year!

Thank you!!