Niche: professional student


So, I want to help students (specifically in their first year of college) be able to overcome the common though problems that appear while starting college. They struggle and cry and suffer all through it and I think it partly has to do with the fact that nobody ever taught them how to manage their feelings and the concept of the 50%-50%.

Have I found a niche?
My doubts come from thinking that maybe this is something I should do for free but I really visualize myself living from this kind of work.

So, here’s a little about why I think this is reflective of me.

My 19-year-old self did the CBC in just 1 year (CBC is the mandatory first year before starting any college carreer in Universidad de Buenos Aires. This University has extraordinary prestige and this first part is culturally known as “the filter” -denomination I do not agree with-).
Then I studied Graphic Design for 6 years in UBA and figured out I did not want to be a designer.
I realised I got in for the amazing potential of learning that visual communication offers.
I love learning. It comes so natural to me to get myself into the content and figure out fun ways of learning.
Now that I have almost finished my coaching certification and started to study Psychology (now doing other subjects of CBC) I could catch a common problem that my peers have…

The average CBC student is currently:
– taking the 3 years (maximum time period) to do it completely
– going to another “easier” college (saying things like “I wanted to study in UBA, but it’s so hard”; “I better pick a college where I can get my degree quickly and be able to get a good job”)
– dropping out and stop studying altogether

Thank you so much for the AMAZING content and this section!