Niche Q.

Hi Brooke,
How’s this sound?

I help career women in their 30’s stop the cycle of overeating, then over exercise to compensate. Despite all the hard work and effort, they still can’t reach their goal weight and they keep spinning in this cycle.

I teach them the self-coaching model, provide a food protocol, and coach around all the issues that are causing them to stay stuck in this cycle and help them achieve their goal weight.

This was me and after having a baby: I wasn’t able to rely on long work outs to lose the weight after giving birth. I had to clean up my eating and, subsequently my mind, and I have been able to lose 35 pounds without over exercising and now have a great relationship with food.

Do you think this is narrow enough?
And can career women in their 30’s pay $2,500 for a program? Am I being realistic?

Also..I’m having a hard time building the program – how do I know how many coaching session to offer? I’ve followed your advice and written out the 6 solutions – do I make it a 12 week program and coach bi-weekly?

PS thank you for the coaching last night on my husbands drinking. We had a good heart-to-heart that night and this morning he announced to me that he will no longer drink at home. Now, I wait and see how this all plays out…