Niche question

I’m in my third year of my coaching business. I’d like to refine my marketing language to be more effective in getting leads and converting from my funnels. I would like some feedback on whether the following is clear and compelling.

* * *
Niche – accomplished but dissatisfied leaders in mid-career (15-20 years of work experience in a given industry)

Category of problem – Health (“happiness”)

Offer – I teach you how to achieve greater accomplishment and job satisfaction by clearing your mental roadblocks and leveraging the strengths you already have, not by trying to change who you are or even what your job is.

Program – Weekly coaching over the course of 3 months will teach you how to spend only 15 minutes a day fixing this, so it’s not disruptive to your demanding schedule.

* * *
Question: Is there anything else should I be asking myself or challenging myself in order to refine this? If not, I’ll just move into testing with ads. Thanks!