Niche Question 2

Thank you for your reply to my original question (below). To get more specific, I would say that my ideal client is:

A young woman in college (18-25) that feels confused about who she is and what she wants. She might describe herself in an identity crisis. She might say she wants to know the “real me” and be able to confidently present her to the world.

Is that more specific? Thank you so much!

Hi. I am narrowing my niche and completed the form you provided. Here is what I have:
1. Health
2. Mental & Emotional Health for Young Women (18-25) in college
3. Google search: how to be more confident, how to figure how what I want
4. I teach you how to REALLY know yourself, love yourself, and be more confident and less confused.

This is a great start, but you’ll still want to get more specific.

Are you helping them be more confident with being on their own? Prepping for life after college? Picking a career patch?

You will definitely touch upon all other aspects that you mention in the coaching, but in your marketing you will be to be specific and crystal clear in what you are offering to them. This will help you find your clients so much faster.