Niche question

I’ve been going around and around on a niche and what will be best. You have such a Midas touch, helping people fine tune their niches. I’m wondering if this niche is a good place to target? I coach corporate leaders (or managers as an alternative term) who are new moms to get out of survival mode and gain control of their career and family goals.
Id appreciate your advice for fine tuning this. I also have passion and expertise around topics that relate to start-up companies, software/technology companies, and being promoted to executive leadership at a young age.
I started a blog called Crushing Motherhood a year ago and have been building that up. I’d love to keep with a niche in that theme but also don’t want to be stuck if there’s something else you recommend I pursue. I hear you help people with their niches (like coaching self confidence for people with a clubbed foot; losing the last 10 lbs) and I’m not sure my idea is as clear-cut as the ones you have on your podcast. Thanks!