Niche Question – Angry Men

Hi Brooke,

I’m seeking feedback related to my niche. You’ve helped me out several times here already with questions about the coaching business I’m developing targeted at men with anger issues. I’ve been pretty sure that my market of ‘successful professional men with anger problems’ was not sufficiently niched down. Regardless I’ve developed a program and website and have been doing a little bit of FB advertising. I would describe the results so far as a big fail, in a good way, in that I’ve learned a lot and am still moving forward with no sense of discouragement.

Your advice to other people to consider ‘what would they google’ for the solution has helped to focus my thoughts.

I had come up with a niche mission statement of ‘I coach professional men who need to improve their leadership qualities by managing their anger and negativity’. I think that’s still a bit vague. Here’s my latest brainstorm.

‘I coach men who have been put on a Performance Improvement Program or are facing other work-related sanctions for issues with anger and attitude.’

My statement of solution is:
You will become a person that other people want to be around. Your steadfastness and constructive attitude will make you valued as a leader, team member, or partner in your enterprise and relationships.

What’dya think?