Niche question (follow-up)

Thank you for your feedback on my niche question. You told me to focus on 1 problem and to better describe WHAT the person would achieve, not HOW they would achieve it/my process. Here’s my next iteration, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

NICHE: I help management-level corporate moms who have multiple, young children (elementary school, preschool and babies) and who feel overwhelmed and inadequate as they try to balance career, family, and personal goals.
PROBLEM: I work with moms who feel crushed under the weight of all they want and need to do, to have a successful career, well-adjusted kids, a happy marriage, and without losing their own self-identity.
SOLUTION: Through productivity coaching, I help ambitious, working moms tackle their overwhelm and feelings of inadequacy, to free up themselves up for their families and for what matters most to them.