Niche Question – How to Determine if this is too Narrow or Not a Good Niche

Hi and thank you so much for you help.

Category – Health
Submarket – Egg Freezing for Single or Divorced Women
Google – How much does egg freezing cost? Who freezes their eggs? How do you freeze your eggs?
Compelling Solution – I teach you how to freeze your eggs by removing the confusion about your life, and embracing a blazing new path for you.

I share all of this because I am not sure if what I am creating is helpful to women. I was divorced and it took me 4 years to make the decision to freeze my eggs and I now blog about it at I’m trying to create a business (coaching and ebook and program) on understanding your fertility health and making the decision to freeze your eggs (or not freeze your eggs) and then empowering yourself to live a life you love. However I don’t think I’m explaining it right and I BARELY get anyone to sign up for my newsletter on my website. It’s just me recruiting friends of friends. Is this not a good niche? Am I thinking about it incorrectly?