Niche Question…I can’t use the niche I want to!

How can I get excited about the niche I have to use until I can use the one I WANT to use? Please see below…
I’ll answer the questions from the Narrowing Your Niche Worksheet:
1. My solution fits into Wealth category.
2. Submarkets: a.) Women entrepreneurs b.) Building 5-figure businesses (on their way to six-figure businesses) – I really WANT to coach on how to make it to the first $100K, because it’s the toughest stretch…but haven’t made it there myself (will make it this year!) so trying to come up with a “non-fraud” segment in the meantime.
3. Google Search – “How to build my small business to six-figures”
4. Compelling Solution – I teach how to build your business to five-figures and then six – the toughest part – by managing your mind and using practical tools to get out of your own way and build a foundation for growth.

My thoughts are that building to five-figures isn’t that sexy…and I feel embarrassed that I haven’t made it to six-figures yet in my own business. I want to attract entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business and have so much value and experience from 15 years of work being in business myself to draw from to help them. How can I get behind my niche…or state it in another way that would be specific and sexier?

Unintentional model:
C: Naming my niche
T: It’s not that sexy
F: Embarrassed
A: Don’t commit to the niche, don’t get the word out to the ladies I can help, avoid naming them in my communications
R: Not working in my niche, Messaging is bland and not helpful

C: Naming My Niche
F: Excited to shout my niche from the rooftops
A: Publish my niche out to my entire universe
R: Deep connections with my ideal clients, consult calls, coaching clients, build my six-figure coaching business

Thank you so much for your coaching and advice!