Niche Question (Krista)

I would like to create a coaching business helping healthful, awareness minded people clean up their thinking and successfully quit smoking.

Explaining buffering and tools, I’d empower and affirm people who have unsuccessfully attempted to quit in the past and failed.
Guiding them to consciously choose- If they chose to continue to smoke, if they chose to a pharmaceutical… creating a protocol.
Using my industry expertise to demystify vaping as an option… Bringing an expert for technical questions…
Addressing connection, oral fixation, compelling reasons, prescriptive helplessness… FDA Compliance and Safety.
Teen vaping reality of expression in adult transition, how to discourage… Vape Shame- Outwaiting the Group Speak
I offer no goods. This is a specific healthful coaching approach. With a goal of being combustion, vapor and completely nicotine free.
Is this specific enough?

It would be similar in concept to the OVERDRINKING Content.

CFO and Owner of a Successful VAPE STORE since 2014 focusing on Amazing Customer Care for all demographics,
Always FDA Compliant

Krista from Atlanta