Niche Question – Specific Enough?

I am indulging in confusion and indecision over my niche.  I’m wondering if it is specific enough.

I help women to reclaim their well-being so they can live, work, and parent with more confidence, clarity, calm, and joy!

Do you think I need to specific more than just women in general?  It feels weird picking a specific age group.  Also, is well-being specific enough?  I don’t want to focus on just nutrition, weight loss, etc. but rather help women to build a wellness regimen that will best support their goals and needs.

I could add– women who are exhausted and overwhelmed by juggling diverse demands of (work and parenting?) on their time and energy…

I first had busy moms, then working moms (I really don’t like that phrase anymore), moms who are also working professionals?

I’m indulging in niche specificity indecision.  Any advice?