Niche and other questions before starting coach training (A)

Hi Brooke,

I will be interviewing for coach training in mid-February and am planning on attending training in May/June if the opportunity is there. I am working currently full time as a primary care physician, so I am trying to focus on the most important activities to prepare myself for this next step in becoming a coach. I do plan to eventually transition to part-time clinical practice after completing coach training, and then to full-time coaching when the time is right. I feel I can make a tremendous impact in my profession given my own personal experiences and insight, and using the coaching methods you have taught, as I have seen my own life transforming through coaching with one of your master coaches and now through Scholars.

My prepartion currently is focused is on self-coaching through scholars and also to start writing, to start developing my ideas for coaching.

My niche will be helping early-career primary care physicians who have families, to overcome overwhelm and burnout, to help create increased job satisfaction, improved patient care, and help them define and live by their life priorities (family life, professional growth, etc.) Early career defined as within 0-10 years into clinical practice; primary care physician defined as all internists, family medicine physcians, pediatricians, geriatricians, and OB-GYNs (this results in an ~80,000 current population in the US that I could market to directly; I would also consider marketing to institutions that would have interest in helping their physicians to improve retention and patient care.). Do you have any recommendations or thoughts on this niche?

I am thinking of starting a blog as a way of generating a presence and creating my voice/content leading up to when I start my business. I have purchased my domain name, but don’t want to get to far into the process if it will make the initial set-up, by The Life Coach School, more difficult. What is your recommendation on when I should start the blog and how far into the process of web-site creation is recommended? With limited time now, I would like focus my efforts and also make best use of the resources you will be offering as part of the coach training/business training program.

Thank you!