Niche questions from worksheet

Great worksheet, thank you. I have also read Brunson’s books. I would love some feedback on my answers. I’m going to start with #2 and end with #1.

2. Submarket: Mid-career female professionals who are preparing for management positions or are new managers (first 1-2 years).
3. Google searches: “management coaching” or “leadership development” or “new manager bootcamp”
4. Solution and compelling reason: Here, I come up with a couple of answers, namely –

a) developing an effective mindset you use as an individual manager to address any issue that comes your way, rather than following any particular SOP or set of case studies that may or may not cover issues that come across your desk as a new manager

b) how to become truly effective by operating beyond office politics, finding your own rules of engagement in order to see success with your direct reports and “managing up”, and becoming your own mentor rather than trying desperately to find the right mentor for you.

>> I think b) is really a subset of solutions or my methods for a) so I was thinking of sticking with a). Would you agree?

Now Question 1. Health, wealth, or relationships? This is hard, because I can see how my solution fits in each. Being a good and efficient manager will help someone avoid and mitigate stress on the job [health], and it will make them more effective and therefore open them up to additional opportunities, promotions and comp on the job [wealth], and it will improve interpersonal relationships on the job [relationships].

>> Is this OK? What is the purpose or benefit of narrowing to a single category? Can I simply use each category for compelling copy on a variety of ads?