Niche refinement

I am known as a fitness person and have been for 20 years. I am a certified Health Coach, which I choose because I thought it would be easy fit. I like fitness and I have clients, but I feel that I attract people who are more interested in counting Macros and depending on exercise for their weight control. I can do this and I look like someone who does this, but I don’t find it interesting because I know it is temporary. I LOVE the real change that your work is teaching me.

Here is what I would like my fitness niche to be
Successful Women 35-50, who would like to find a balanced and sustainable approach to fitness. Women who want their fitness to add to their lives, not take away. ***Women who want to look like they spend all day at the gym, but live a full and balanced life.*** (ooo, I just came up with that and like it…)

My second question is how I can incorporate my experience with dealing with a troubled teenager and learning to be happy despite his struggles and choices. I came to this work as I was preparing for my son to return home after a year in a treatment center for drugs, violence and overall butt-headedness. I knew I needed to change in order for our family to have a new result and I see you and Jody Moore as absolute answers to my prayers. I feel that I can do a lot of powerful work with this niche as well:

Niche #2
I help LDS (mormon) Women 35-50, dealing with a child who is struggling with anger, drug use, pornography, and that are alienating themselves from their family and faith. I help them learn how to manage their own emotions so they can heal their own pain and then lead their families in confidence, faith and love.