My niche saga continues!

I signed up for Scholars mainly for business focus and have been avoiding business topics in my thought downloads and models for most of the month until this past week when it has come up again and again and finally reached what feels like a boiling point. My T line shift has been like this “I keep getting stuck” –> “I will choose my niche” and “I hate that no one can tell me which to pick” –> “it is my privilege to choose my niche” (that one made me chuckle a bit but absolutely caused a new and more action oriented feeling!)

I’ve posted here before and talked about it in my tutor session and have been running tons of different breakdowns of people I want to help, problem they have, solution I offer. Nothing has felt quite right – I’d like whatever I choose to fit well with the amazing website, brand, and materials I’ve created so far – obviously with some tweaks on copy, but I don’t want a drastic departure.

Here’s what I’ve come up with that feels like this could be “the one” 🙂 Is it narrow enough or does it need more work?

Who: Career women in their 30s who struggle with a lack of fulfillment in their career after doing everything they thought they “should” do.
Problem this causes: Self doubt and overthinking everything they say at work, which holds them back from using their voice and talents to stand out and progress in their career (and be proud of their work)
My solution: I help them to use their voice and take risks that pay off at work by eliminating self doubt and overthinking and replacing them with confidence and motivation!

Thank you!! Can’t say enough how fantastic this program is and how thankful I am that you created it and that I finally signed up!