Niche – SAHM –> Work

Hello (again!)!

Here’s my worksheet:
1) Wealth (career)
2) High-achieving, wealthy Moms from Ivy League universities who took time off to raise their children and want to return to work. Main pain points: lacks self-confidence; rationalizes that it’s not worth it because $ will be a wash after childcare; feels conflicted because they also want to be there for kids but are bored
3) Google “How to go back to work after time off””How to get a job after being out of work” “Will someone hire me if I’ve been out of work” “Switching careers”
4) I teach you how to get back to work confidently by helping you move out of confusion, identify your ideal situation and create massive action to get there.
Notes around a possible program and what I’d teach:
1. What’s holding you back from finding a job (Thought Download/Model)
2. Brainstorm: what would you love to do instead (Alternate Futures/Bridge Thoughts/Intentional Model)
3. Coming up with a job-finding strategy (Massive action, calendaring, goal setting)
4. How your beliefs about money can hurt and help you (Money beliefs)
5. How your plan can become de-railed and what to do about it (Obstacle thoughts/Manual/Staying Committed)
6. Self-confidence: How to generate more

Is it narrow enough and a good niche in your opinion? I want to make $100k+ in 2019 and am ready to start taking action. Any strategic tweaks I should make so that it’s more marketable? Ideas on opt-ins or finding them? THANK YOU!