Niche (SC) – 2nd try

Thank you for your feedback.
“Because your niche isn’t clear, this is why you’re having a hard time figuring out your freebie.” – this made total sense to me! So, I worked on my niche some more. Please give me further feedback if the problem is clear/specific enough.

I chose “burnout” as the main problem that I will help them solve. They are burned out and feeling stuck. They are thinking about quitting their business (private practice) or quitting being therapist all together. I will help them get unstuck, and help them make the “right” decision in order to gain a life and career that bring them joy and fulfillment whether doing therapy, or coaching, or something completely different. They will be able to make a decision of quitting or not quitting today. And they will create the next 6-month plan to build their next level of career. They will not feel exhausted all the time anymore. They will feel confident making more money doing what they love. This will be their turning point in their career to create the life they really want.

You mentioned that talking about mindset in my marketing is less effective, does this niche still sounds too “mindset” oriented?

I’m thinking about creating a checklist or self-assessment to gain awareness on their burnout and lead them to gain more awareness of what is and what is not burnout and what they can do as a freebie.