Niche (SC) – #3 Freebie

Thank you for your feedback on my last question.

I worked on picturing how their life will be after they work with me. “Not just that they have freedom from burnout or exhaustion, but a life with the confidence, where they are excited about what is next in life.”

And now, I’m working on creating a freebie to give them a taste of this future.

I would appreciate your feedback on my idea for the freebie:

From Burnout To A Perfect Career
3 steps to turn your exhausting life around – master class (video)

Video #1: Take back control and create the results you really want – teach the model, what’s not serving you right now (dependent on circumstances to change)
Video #2: Access future-self to build new life – dream day exercise
Video #3: Magic question – if you can be successful doing anything, what would you choose? – how to manage your mind to make a decision and commit to it

Do you think this will give them a taste?

After working with me for 6 months, they will see the results:
– Waking up everyday full of energy and ready to work
– Feels in control and there is enough time to do the important work
– Flowing ideas because you now know how you can contribute to the world
– No longer resentful or angry
– Confident that you can make money doing what you love
– Productive and creating results everyday towards your ideal lifestyle

And the impact in their life:
– Happier marriage and relationships
– Patient and Nurturing mom to your kiddos (or husband)
– Making income to create the lifestyle you always wanted (instead of making lifestyle that fits your income)
– Making money to invest back into yourself and business to grow your impact in the world
– Prove to yourself that you really matter in this world