Niche (SC)

Hi Brooke,
My niche for coaching is a bright, passionate, and adventurous therapist who owns a private practice but struggling to get the result they want (more clients, more income, more freedom) and on the verge of burnout or thinking about giving it all up, because of their own self-sabotaging behaviors due to their mind drama (fear, confusion, overwhelm, self-doubt, and anxiety). Of course the latter half of it is “our” language and they don’t know it yet.

Can you give me any feedback on the niche? And I’m struggling with coming up with a freebie idea. I have some infographic on marketing secrets for therapists, money mindset worksheet, and 5 steps to become a coach infographic, but I’m not getting any opt-ins and I feel I need to give more value and result ahead of time to attract more people. Any thought on freebie idea?
Thank you so much.