Niche switching after

I got certified in April through The Life Coach School and am transitioning my various pricing and profitability courses for floral designers into a coaching program.

I’ve been cultivating this group and providing value for 4 years. I’d like to build a 5 million dollar company and I’m having trouble believing I can get there with this niche.

One fact is that the average pay as a floral designer is about 27K a year. I teach my clients how to build wildly satisfying companies that are highly profitable but here are some thoughts I have about my clients:

They don’t want to do what it takes to be profitable so they won’t buy.

They are using their floral businesses in a way as a buffer because many come from corporate jobs they view as toxic.

I believe they think that wanting more money for themselves would be identifying with a culture and lifestyle they reject.

So my problem is I don’t know if I can help enough of these people to the tune of 5 million.

Another thought is that “of course I wouldn’t meet my goals if I’m hanging onto these beliefs about my clients.”

So, not sure if I should work on that first before bailing? How would I know to switch everything to a different group of folks?