Niche: thoughts?

Target: I help women in a 9-5 job decide if entrepreneurship is right for them.

Narrower Target: I help working mothers who are dissatisfied in a 9-5 job decide if entrepreneurship is right for them. They daydream about quitting so they have more flexibility, don’t have to deal with demanding bosses or difficult co-workers, and can do something they are more passionate about. They see starting a business as their solution, as their “escape.”

Characteristics: [They indulge in confusion, making pro and con lists to help them decide which never work. They worry about money and whether they will make the “right” choice].

What they google: Should I quit my job? Should I start my own business? What to do if I hate my job?

How I help: I help women decide what their best next career move should be and create a 6-month plan of action so they can be successful in whatever path they choose.

The Program/Modules:
The Model
Indulgent emotions
Commitment vs Quitting
Confidence and Imposter Syndrome
Massive action

Question: is this narrow enough? I really want to hone in on women who daydream about quitting and entrepreneurship, but right now they see it as a “fantasy.” I want to help people love their current job first and go into entrepreneurship with eyes wide open and not bc they are escaping their 9-5. Is that clear from the description? Related, I want them to love whatever they decide and stop the endless analysis that there’s one “better” path. This happened to me and I am on the other side and so happy! I realize how much time I wasted in indulgent emotions trying to find the “perfect” path when it was all about my thinking and not about whether I chose my 9-5 vs. having my own biz.

Thank you!!!