Niche to meet you

Hi! I just joined SCS and I was just looking at the niche worksheet. I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur. I work full time in education as a school counselor and will for another 5 years (until I earn a full pension). My daughter is doing to college next year. I just turned 50 and am ready to create something on my own. I have dabbled as a business owner a couple of times, most recently last summer when I was selling vintage furniture that I bought undervalued and sold for a profit. I wanted to try SCS because I listen to the podcast and like Brooke’s work, and am very interested the entrepreneurs mindset. I work as a counselor now, and see a need for coaching in many areas relating to education, such as college/career coaching, but I’m really burned out working with people. I want to work with products/things, not people in a coaching capacity.
My questions are: Is SCS for me or is it primarily going to focus on life coaching entrepreneurs? Do I still need a niche? The one I have in mind does not fall into health/wellness/relationships as listed on the niche worksheet. I have not nailed down a business plan yet, but I am leaning toward creating and selling art. We are moving to a coastal town that has a healthy tourism industry. I want to create small pieces of art for people as souvenirs (paintings, notecards, journals, ornaments, etc). I would sell them in boutiques and at markets. What do you recommend for next steps for me?
Thank you!