Niche too Narrow

Can your niche be too narrow?

My niche is overwhelmed homeschool moms struggling with depression. Right now I’m working with clients going through my free 6 week program and haven’t made any offers for paid coaching. My niche is ME 2 years ago. Coaching was a huge reason I was able to wean off my meds and find peace and joy in my life again and be able to manage homeschooling life. Our homeschool is on autopilot now and my kids are driving their own education.

So far I have been offering my program to overwhelmed homeschool moms and moms struggling with depression (whether they homeschool or not). I have lots of interest, but I’m not sure how committed they are. I have a lot of no shows, cancelations, etc. My husband thinks if they were paying clients, they’d be more committed and less flaky. I’m wondering if I need to start charging even though I haven’t taken anyone through the complete program yet. Or if I need to narrow down my niche to overwhelmed homeschool moms struggling with depression.

I also am wanting to work with kids of my homeschool moms and have a 2 part offer, the second part being coaching kids with fun application tools to guide them in creating a growth mindset and emotional management. These are the tools I taught my struggling son who talked about dying every time something was hard for him, for years. I feel like my niche of homeschool moms struggling with depression and who have kids struggling emotionally is too narrow of a niche and risky/limiting to narrow that far down. Is this too narrow? Does narrowing down help find committed clients? Do I need to charge for my services to find the committed clients?