Niche Topic

Hi Brook,

Do you think targeting “coaching parents/guardians with children with special needs on navigating the IEP (Individual Educational Plan) for public schools” is specific enough. I’m both a parent of a teen with needs and I also work in the school setting. I’ve spent thousands of hours preparing and attending IEP’s for my own son and know the system and how it works pretty well both internally and as a parent. There are many many parents that offer “free advocacy advice” through local non profit companies but I don’t think they can offer advice from an objective state of mind since they are very closely connected to the schools. I also understand that there are a great deal of associations that offer advice, etc. but do not focus on the emotional aspect of preparing for an IEP. My idea would be to bring much more than just learning the process intellectually i.e., statutes, breaking down the IEP, developing goals, etc. but rather “train the parents brain” to THINK the way you have taught me. I think that is 90 % more effective in coming out of an IEP with goals you want in place for your child. This would not be marketed as an “advocate” but rather a “coach”. Thoughts? My plan was to start part time while still working full time. I’m 53 but do not plan to stop working….ever! So this could be something that leads to full time upon retiring from the school system… a 10 year plan.