Niche transition

My industry is Digital Marketing & I currently manage the social media marketing for my clients.

I am currently taking a course that, when finished at the end of this year, I will become a certified funnel builder. My aim is to transition from being a social media manager to a funnel builder, (including FB Ads, Email Marketing, Project Management, etc.) My ultimate dream goal is to become a certified life coach but at the moment the circumstance of my bank account cannot cover the tuition, (yet).

I fully believe in the model & the effect it can have on changing our lives when we can master managing our thoughts. I have vowed to only focus on consuming info from the marketing certification course I mentioned, & Scholars. I believe if I master the mindset & the marketing skills, my business will be very successful.

How can I transition from my current self doing what I’m doing now to my future self who has the results I’m aiming for in order to create the result of my dream job? I do try to feel the feelings of my future self & not my current self, but it’s challenging when the current realities of my work, bank account, etc., are not the result I want yet.