Niche – want-to-be entrepreneurs

I have defined my niche as women, age 30-55, who want to be entrepreneurs, or at least think about it, maybe for years, but they can’t make up the courage to start. They work as professionals, they have a family and children. They have obligations, as bank loans which prevent them to make risky changes. Their time is occupied and they are afraid that they have no time for career change. They are unhappy with themselves and want to do something that gives back to their heart, that helps them grow, to feel they are useful to the world. They are eager to create the change but unaware how to help themselves out of the current situation so they would have the free road to start a new. My job would be to help them with their mindset so that they can start to take actions towards their dream being their own boss.

I appreciate your thoughts about this prescription.
Thank you.