Niche and web site

Hello, I am starting a consulting business and working with a marketing person on name and web design. I understand the niche concept and am wondering if this specific niche has to be on the front page of the web site vs. just in marketing materials such as FB ads, short videos, etc. but then that material could lead them to web site that is more broad. For instance, my niche is healthcare companies with at least 50 employees that are trying to solve problems and achieve results in committees and through action planning and not getting results they want. My solution is to help them create a strategy, and then coach mid-level leaders through problem solving methodology one-on-one to achieve results. Some of the web sites of other coaches don’t seem to have their niche front and center. Like Jody, she targets Mormon moms, but that isn’t immediately apparent on the first page of her website, though her marketing targets this group. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.