Niche – weight loss

This is a continuation of a question I just sent in – When I talk to friends about a health program I want to create, they invariably ask, “can it help me lose weight?” I realize that many women my age (51) struggle with weight and my “health” program would be a great solution to those looking to solve that problem. I also realize that weight issues are often the symptom and the coaching will be on the over desire and emotions. My question is, do I need to have struggled with my own weight to be authentic or taken seriously? I did deal with some stuff in my early twenties and later when I started teaching, but not a major issue. I have read many of your successful weight coaches’ websites and they all seem to describe their personal story which is very relatable for a client who may want to buy their program. I think I could be a great role model for people and an example of what is possible? Can I market to solve a problem about weight loss but have a blog that deals with ALL issues of mental and physical health relating to menopausal women? Also, I am not a nurse, but my best friend is. She is always telling me how hard it is for nurses to maintain a healthy weight, how much they all struggle and the cycle of negativity (between the hours, the food everywhere, stress etc.) Again, I think middle aged nurses working long hours in out-patient surgi-centers could be a great niche, but I am not nor have I ever been in their shoes. They could literally scoff at someone trying to help them “who doesn’t get it” (for real – not just a thought I’ having, I have heard someone say it!)

So to recap, I want to help women in early 50s (who are starting to gain weight, lose sleep, feel stress) manage their minds to make healthier life choices. I also recognize that I am going to need clients. The problem as I see it is that many women don’t realize they need life coaching. So they may not sign up for “stop people pleasing” or ‘stop procrastinating” workshops, but almost everyone my age seems to want to lose weight. (That goes for the men too!)

Thoughts? Thank you!