Niche – Women who want to be entrepreneurs

My niche idea:
Women who have never been entrepreneurs but have a desire to be. They are highly educated and always worked a regular job and perhaps stayed home with their kids. They are in their late 40s or 50s. They played it safe. They are now comfortable financially and want to create something meaningful. They want to begin a business but are unsure of how, lack the confidence to take the leap and aren’t certain what the business would be about.

Questions – do you think that is a narrow enough niche? The plan is it would be very focused on managing their minds around creating impossible goals and taking massive action. Also, I enjoy brainstorming with other people to help them come up with ideas. I have noticed how much of the focus of Ask a Coach is putting the question back to the client to ask them what they would think if they knew they could create an answer. My question is can brainstorming be a part of the process? If yes, could it be within coaching or would you suggest it be something separate?

Thank you.