Niche Wording and Much Confusion

Hi there.
My niche is teams (owners and employees) of mission- led businesses with under 25 employees. I’m having trouble answering the question “What problem do you solve?” I’m coaching on problems related to improving self-confidence, which will of course improve other work related problems like stress, job performance and job satisfaction… but I am unsure if that’s the way to market the problem I solve. I’m spinning in confusion about whether or not I should say that I solve the problem of a lack of self-confidence (in other words that I build self-confidence) or if I should say I solve another, more “concrete” problem like job satisfaction that comes from improving self confidence. Improving self-confidence almost seems like my “how-to” …but can it also be the problem itself? I know there are a lot of coaches that advertise that they build confidence. Boosting a company’s self confidence is what I want to advertise as the problem I solve….but I question whether or not owners of mission led businesses are looking to solve that problem…or are they looking for a solution to something more concrete like improved job productivity. I feel like if I was saying all of this out loud to Brooke right now she’d verbally slap me…ha/ha. Below is what I’ve got as the problem I solve. Please help me identify which one is best for marketing or if I need to start from scratch.

I work with mission led companies to increase their team’s job performance and job satisfaction.

I work with teams at mission led companies to increase job performance, job satisfaction and company confidence.

I work with teams of mission led companies to build their self confidence.
I build the self-confidence of mission-led companies.

Thank you!