Niche worksheet feedback please

Can I please get feedback from my niche worksheet:

1. Relationships (with self)

2. Keywords: small business owners who aren’t happy.

Small business owners who struggle with overwhelm, overworking and burnout.

3: Google:
Should I close my business?
How to know when it’s time to quit.
How to sell a business.
Why do I work all the time?
How to get over burnout.
How to get work/life balance.
Is work/life balance a myth?
Is working too much bad for me?
Am I a bad mom (Or spouse) because I work all the time?
How to be a better parent (or spouse).
What’s wrong with my business?
How to replace myself in my business.

Also came up with a book title: The Burnout Business Owner.

4. I’ll help you stop overworking and hustling your way to happiness.

(Tagline: you can’t hustle your way to happiness.)

I’ll help you rediscover your inner spark and fall back in love with your business and life.

I help small business owners reconnect with themselves and align their business to fuel their life.