Niche worksheet feedback

Hi Brooke and team. New scholar here. When you say you over-deliver, you weren’t kidding! Loving the monthly work and money module. Starting to inch into entrepreneur work. Here’s my niche worksheet answers. Would love any feedback you may have. Thank you!!

1. Relationships
2. Target market: upper middle class pregnant women and mothers of young kids in Los Angeles looking for a photojournalist to capture them and their families amidst the fleeting, wild, chaotic and precious moments of pregnancy, birth and life with littles.
3. What would they Google? Real family photos LA. Birth documentarian LA. Childbirth photographer LA. A day in the life with kids LA. Mom stays in the picture.
4. Solution: Always taking pictures, never in the picture? While you’re in the thick of it, I capture the fleeting moments surrounding one of the biggest changes in your life, becoming a mother. So you can look back and see the beauty in the chaos. And see what a great job you’re doing.