Niching down

I enrolled in SCS today, so I am brand new. I launched my business two years ago on July 1, 2020, and I have experienced “niche stress” ever since. I feel that I just don’t fully understand the concept of it and the promise of it.

Everywhere I go, I see/hear “niche to be rich” and then I also see and hear that the fastest track to success is promising someone to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

When niching down…
Am I supposed to guarantee a certain result?
Should I be creating a methodology to obtain that result, to talk my clients through?
Doesn’t creating a methodology pull me out of coaching and into consulting?

For two years I have wavered in my niche. I have chosen a niche just to choose one, and then been confused about how to market it because I don’t understand if I’m supposed to have a methodology associated with it. Then, I change it, and then I hear that my niche isn’t niched enough.

If this is the ONE piece that I want to go to work on more than anything else, how would you guide me to utilize SCS to the fullest so I’m not leaving feeling like I’m still stuck?