Niching down

I started my coaching/training business two months ago, and I just started certification (April 2022). I’m listening to the “Double your business in 3 months” program in the study vault. I’d like to check with you if I’m properly advertising my niche and the problem I solve for my clients.

– My purpose is to help women multiply their professional impact.
– My style: feminist, inclusive, redefining what success means (eradicate burn-out and grind culture)
– My container is a 12-month incubator program: training on 10 essential soft skills (negotiation, leadership, public speaking, etc) + weekly individual 1-hour coaching.

My niche:
– My target is active women under 45 years-old (in the first part of their career), with ambition, attentive to their mental health, who want to multiply their professional impact (looking for meaning and impact in their career)
– The problem I solve: double your professional impact in the upcoming year
> learn how to align impact/meaning and making money
> redefine your priorities (professional and personal)
> transform the way you approach your time: make time for yourself and your personal life, results = value (and not time = value)

Any suggestions?