Niching down from emotions to anger


Is this niche enough, I know, we all have the same issue, but after seeing the last coaching session with Brooke, as my main focus are the emotions, she suggested that we choose only 1 emotion. So I choose anger, because personally I’m a recovered addict LOL. So I would really love you to check my new niche focus, that I think is what shoud be the “copy” for this? Anger management sounded too boring for me. And it’s the solution explanation right? Thanks in advance for your help.

Does your problem fit into one of these broad categories?

Have you narrowed it down to a submarket within the larger market?
Women in a second marriage that want to stop getting mad at their partner.

What exactly would someone Google to find you?
How to stop arguing with your partner.
I’m making the same mistakes in my second marriage.
How to stop getting mad at your partner.
How to stop having fits of anger with your partner.
How to stop yourself from losing it with your partner.

What is your solution to their problem and why is it compelling?
I teach you to manage your mind so the anger isn’t the only emotion to handle your disagreements.