Niching when you are not just starting out

I’ve been in business for myself for a long time, but I want to simplify everything about my business…who I serve, how I serve them, how I market. I’ve just been too all over the map. Right now I have 3 main niches – network marketers, business owners who speak, and emerging leaders in companies. I’m teaching them the same thing when it comes to communication, and have separate sales pages designed for each niche. I get confused however when it comes to what to put on a home page, a business card or what to say at a networking event. I’ve tried having 3 different business cards, and different buttons on the home page based on who it’s for. Is this the best way to handle it, or to just ditch 2 of the demographic niches, and focus on one. If I focus on one, then all the leads I’ve built up in the other 2 niches, I’ll just be ignoring. Or is it better to niche more in the area of values and solution vs demographics? In other words, in all 3 niches, the biggest fans I have are people who share these 2 values – wellness & creativity. Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated.